corporate training exercise


One of the dangers of sitting in an office all day is that your postural muscles around the spine and shoulder can become neglected and restricted and start to lose strength and flexibility.

Our corporate training program is designed to alleviate those concerns. It’s important to stay mobile and keep moving, not just for your own peace of mind but also to prevent health issues from arising later on in life.

corporate training nutrition


Corporate life is quite stressful and time consuming and as a result it’s easy to lose track of what you’re eating and putting into your body. Here at Tier 1 we can give you tips and tools to ensure you maintain a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle that won’t put your long term health in jeopardy.

corporate training mental health and wellbeing


Happy employees make a company stronger in the long term. Tier 1 prides itself on our focus on holistic health. We have the tools and resources to ensure that you’re at peace outside the office as well as productive inside the office.

‚ÄčThe greatest gift an organization can provide is a genuine chance of fulfillment both in and out of the office. Tier 1 is a great platform to help turn that ideal into something real and tangible.