I always had a love for fitness and helping others. I created Tier 1 with the goal of creating a business with purpose. It gives me the opportunity to combine my two loves: Helping others and holistic fitness to create positive results for the community.

I began my career in community services as a support worker before moving into casework and middle management. I continued my journey but grew frustrated at the lack of vision, sustainability and results being delivered to clients.

I discovered that intervention without stable mental and physical health was not productive. I learned that I needed to change my approach so I qualified as a personal trainer and used personal training sessions as the foundation of our casework.

Fitness is my way of helping my clients overcome their physical and psychological barriers. My goal is to help my clients improve their mobility, confidence and motivation in order to improve their overall quality of life.

With Australia having a high rate of both mental and physical issues my goal is simple – Help people from all walks of life improve their mental and physical wellbeing. That’s the essence and core principle of Tier 1 Training.